Zhenya Quit Smoking Perfume is a kind of quick and effective quit smok

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   Guangzhou Zhenya Technologies Co., Ltd, located in the scenic and fresh aired Pearl Industry Park of Conghua Economic Development Zone in Guangdong province, is a high-tech company specializes in the research, development, manufacturing and sales of quit smoking products.

Zhenya Quit Smoking Perfume is a high-tech product invented by Mr. Zhang Zhenya after years of research and has helped tens of thousands people who wanted to quit smoking break cigarette addiction.

As early as 1985, the idea of making research into quit smoking products occurred to Mr. Zhang by chance. In 1985, an article in a American journal, Invention Today, mentioned that many teenage American, even some children as young as 7 or 8 years old started smoking, and it would be terribly difficult to quit smoking when they got addicted. … And if someone could invent a product that could help people quit smoking, he would not only make good profit by also do great contribution to the society. From then on, Mr. Zhang was engaged in the research of quit smoking products.

The product made its appearance in 1987 after 3 years’ of research. In 1988, the invention was awarded the Eureka Gold Medal in the 37th World Exhibition of Innovation held in Brussels, the capital of Belgium. A certificate of honor was given to Mr. Zhang by the People’s Government of Beijing for his winning honor for the capital city and for his contribution in the cause of stopping smoking. (See Honors of the Company)

Mr. Zhang Zhenya had the honor to meet with former ministers of health of the nation, Mr. Qian Xinzhong and Mr. Cui Yueli. Both ministers respectively wrote inscriptions for Mr. Zhang and had photos with him.

In 1990, Zhenya Quit Smoking Perfume was awarded Silver Medal in the 4th Beijing Invention Exposition after experts’ appraisal (a nation wide competition), which was reported in tens of newspapers, including Beijing Daily, People’s Daily, China Light Industry, International Business Daily, Beijing Sci-Tech Report.

In 1988, Zhenya Quit Smoking Perfume began its exportation and was sold in over 100 countries and regions including the United States, Germany, Canada, Japan, Singapore, and South-east Asia. Everywhere the product was well received and thought highly of.

When Zhenya Quit Smoking Perfume was exported to Japan, it was credited by Japanese people as the simplest and the most effective way to quit smoking in the world. There were 1.07 million people in Japan alone who used Zhenya Quit Smoking Perfume successfully broke their cigarette addiction.

A great man once said that “practice is the only test of truth”. After 21 years’ test in the market, Zhenya Quit Smoking Perfume is more mature, more perfect and its flavor is more welcomed by consumers. Mr. Zhang Zhenya will spare no effort to research and develop more new products and to make greater contribution to the health of human race.

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